We help organizations communicate their true values ​​with the right images, the right messages, the right branding and the right channels.


We use our skills of analysis, listening, understanding strategy, creative thinking and aesthetic and remarkable execution, with our mind, heart and guts!


In order to combine action with words, we integrate diversity in our team, with people with intellectual disabilities and by facilitating the access of young generations to our professions by being a training company and by welcoming student interns during their course in applied art, graphics, illustration etc ...


We formalize our approach through the B Corp certification, issued to companies that meet the highest standards of legal responsibility

We are also a member of APRES_GE, the chamber of social and solidarity economy

We are committed not to remunerate shareholders more than 5% of equity and to reinvest the profits realized in the consolidation and the achievement of the goals of the company.


When TWIST SA, born in 2008, raised the question of meaning and social involvement in its activity as a creative communication agency and to work for a better world, the answer gave birth to an integrating graphic studio. talented and atypical: Sweet Rebels.

This studio integrates social innovation at the heart of the visual communication professions.

How? By integrating people with different abilities in the creative team. By establishing a spirit and a collaborative way of doing. By initiating an open mind and opening doors to different visions and cultures.

The results are graphic and visual creations endowed with a strong identity, inspired by the vein of "Art Brut". Fresh, spontaneous, joyful and full of positive emotions and values, these creations promote communication that generates social impact.